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Sydney       Melbourne       Gold Coast       Perth

Australia offers the Sydney Harbour and Melbourne cultural attractions, the Gold Coast's gorgeous Beaches and Perth's Pacific business networking opportunities. Australian girls are renowned for their sensational natural beauty, relaxed personalities and warm, loving service.

Rome       Milan       Paris       Monaco       Frankfurt       Munich       Barcelona       London       Zurich       Prague

Europe is a wide expanse of cultures that offers incredibly beautiful countrysides, cities and nightlife. With some stylish hotels, and some of the most captivating, sophisticated women in the world, our editorial catwalk models and high fashion muses will captivate you.

New York       Los Angeles       Miami       Las Vegas

America offer the classic 'USA' attractions - glittering Vegas and stunning natural beauty with parks, canyons, rivers, beaches and waterfalls. The United states has it all, NY, LA, LV, exciting major cities, as well as a huge selection of very beautiful and fun loving young escort ladies for companionship and entertainment. Our bikini models, movie starlets, professional dancers and society girls will delight you.

Singapore       Hong Kong       Tokyo

Asia's shopping and tropical locations cannot be beaten. Second to none idyllic island beauty and busy shopping and business meccas Asia-wide. With Caucasian as well as Asian model escorts available, you will never be lonely.

Dubai       Abu Dhabi       Doha

The UAE and Qatar, along with other areas of the more liberal Middle East, offer a discreet selection of elegant and beautiful escorts, along with some delightful surroundings; gorgeous marinas and stunning restaurants, exotic deserts and spectacular nightclubs. Our confidential and exquisite private escorts in the Gulf will be the model female companions and dream dates you dream of.