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The companionship of beautiful Abu Dhabi model escorts are available for photo selection by request. We will discuss your needs and send you some suitable options. Please understand that only serious & genuine enquiries will be entertained. We do not cater for web-based email addresses such as gmail or hotmail, and we do not respond to calls from private or blocked numbers.

Discretion is extremely important to our elegant Abu Dhabi courtesans. Our discreet Abu Dhabi model escorts do not show their faces to anyone but their paying Khaleeji clientele. We work with some very accomplished models, and discretion/ confidentiality is just as important to them as it is to you.

We're sure you wouldn't like your photo on a website for anyone to see, stating that you call escort services, would you..? :)   We have a world renowned reputation for exceptionally high quality, and we are extremely selective with whom we work.

Seeking companionship with Discreet model escorts Abu Dhabi, leaves you in a bit of a dilemma. The options are very limited! With websites banned for cultural and respected religious purposes, how does one find and select a female companion in Abu Dhabi? One option is to exit the country briefly and make your selection on the website while you are in London, Paris or New York briefly.

You will find there are in fact a few companies who cater for Abu Dhabi, you can save the web-pages or print out their model gallery pages and use them for the time being, until you are able to travel again and take and updated version. Be aware that, like in all other countries, there will be agencies claiming to be the 'leading escort agency' of the UAE, or the most elite, most high class escort service etc, it can be very, very difficult to know which is, in reality 'the best escorts in Abu Dhabi'.

We'll tell you which agency is the best - it's different for everyone! There are probably 3-4 decent companies in most cities (perhaps 1-2 in the Middle East, where most girls start to work independently for discretion, but unfortunately end up as a bargain basement hotel whore. This is simple because there have been zero other options til now). In these few decent companies, the model escorts are treated with respect and dignity, and the owners are more interested in making sure their staff and clients are perfectly matched and happy, as opposed to ripping off the girls, and taking any client who calls so they can make their precious money.

Finding genuinely fine, elite Abu Dhabi escort agencies where money is not the main object is a tough one, but when you find them (which you have now!), then you can add it to your companion rotation :) - You can always tell which agencies are the best, as the girls are always happy, NOT taking drugs, are very hygienic, and always talk about the company with respect, like they appreciate how they are treated fairly & professionally. They will have a full time security driver who does NOT hit on them, and they will never have been asked to undress for the male members of the company, trying to take advantage... The company is run by intelligent, professional business people with integrity.

This is the first sign of a high quality female escort agency management - it's not about getting free girls when they are pressured into it (practically rape!), and it's not about getting as much money as possible... If it is, you've called a dud (blank bullet). And 'dud agencies' attract and work with lower quality models. They might seem fine, but she will have a very different mind set. Who knows what she does in her private time, and whether the company even bothers to give information on or check for sexual health standards...!?

So good luck with that search, but it easily separates the sugar from the dirt, for your own enjoyment and safety. And the elite callgirl services you will enjoy with these approved companies will be sensational almost every time.

This article is not important for you to read through, although you are welcome to. However keep in mind it is merely a phrase and wording article to explain what we do to visiting digital engines :) - it may be informative for you if you are new to Abu Dhabi courtesans and Middle Eastern model escorts in the UAE, however. So feel free to read on:

Abu Dhabi escorts and Khaleeji-based female courtesans offer an exceptionally special and discreet girlfriend experience with the United Arab Emirates. With selections of beautiful flight attendants, haute couture and commercial model escorts, and elite socialites, our Abu Dhabi selections are second to none in the Gulf, and will ensure your high class escorts experience is sensational.

Before you attempt to book an elite courtesan in the Middle East, be aware that your approach must be that of a gentleman. If you have any disrespect towards the models, the appointment will be ended and you will face the consequences. We do not keep records and once the model escort has returned safely, the details of the appointment are destroyed for your safety. We will require your full details (hotel registration and photocopy of passport) before allowing the beautiful and graceful female model escorts to join you.

When seeking female companions within UAE (United Arab Emirates), the search can be difficult, with certain websites blocked form view, and with local providers only providing a very average level of companion. Middle East escort Discreet Abu Dhabi model escorts, female companions UAE, from High Class Escort Agency, elite callgirl services